Monday, April 19, 2010

Another revision

Here is Cameron's birthday cinememoir revised
Benjy (our son) has a small cameo in it...:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cameron's 37th Birthday Cinememoir

This is my family together on my bro's birthday (and a sample of what we could do with only a few minutes of footage):

Would love to get the rights to this song. Anyone know who I would contact?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stella Trailer #2 (Shorter Version)

Here is shorter version of Stell'a Sneak Preview trailer. Mark used his magical shortening wand on it...Enjoy!

Sneak Preview of "Stella" (TRAILER)

Here she is...Cine Mama's first tease trailer. Starring Stella and family. (Thanks for giving me such fabulous footage to work with, Michelle and Nick!)

Would love to hear your feedback.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Introducing the Cinememoir Trailer

I've decided to give Stella's parents a sneak peak to their video...and what better way to peak than to put up a trailer? I'm close to wrapping this baby (trailer) and sending it off to the good folks at YouTube.

Just like the June-Babies cinememoir, I can put this at the front of the video to give it that smack of the cinematic experience. And, of course, it must go in the DVD menu as a "Special Feature". Hmm, maybe I could have a Blooper or Outtakes section too. Oh yes, the possibilities are infinite...

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Ain't She Sweet" Lilian Roth

Stella Baby Music Video

My day is devoted to baby Stella today. Her pretty Mumma, Michelle, gave me her miniDVD and I've got all the footage narrowed down to what I call "the gem shots". I tried some contemporary songs but this little voice kept singing in my head: "Ain't she sweet". (You may recall the song best from the Beatles cover of it).

My Nanna used to play the song on her organ and belt it out as I danced like a crazy girl, tearing up her living room carpet. I found a great version of it from the Fleischer Brothers with Lilian Roth singing in what just may be the first karaoke, ball bouncing over the words and everything.

It works fantastically with Stella's Jolly Jumper shots and a sepia filter. (And Stella has always reminded me of a baby in an old-fashioned black and white photo)

I think I can work some movie magic with it...

Stay tuned!

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Due-In-June Babies" (REVISED)

Better Version up on YouTube!

Okay, I think I've figured out a better format for upload to YouTube. I'm all ears for feedback/suggestions.

I also played with the feature "Audio Swap", clicking on "I'm Feeling Lucky" and got the Delilah song. It actually works nicely (but not as good as "I'm Yours" song). Might tug at a few tears....

Man is this fun!

Reload of June-Due-Babies

Today I will be reloading a version of June-Due-Babies as last upload looked skewed. I also improved titles. Stay tuned! Today I will continue working on Michelle's baby cine-memoir. There's so much good footage there I may have to choose a longer song...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Testing YouTube Link

It's up!...but I am not sure for how long. Looks a little skewed (NB: I've since fixed, figured out proper HTML). May have to take song out...I'll look into it.

"I'm Yours" to be uploaded (hopefully) today

Just self teaching the Land of YouTube. Stay tuned for uploading of June-Due-Date-Babies music video, now at 27% complete. I guess this takes a while? Fingers crossed that I did it right...


Welcome to Cine Mama! We will be posting videos soon so please check back again soon.

Johanna and Mark Osborne