Monday, April 12, 2010

Stella Baby Music Video

My day is devoted to baby Stella today. Her pretty Mumma, Michelle, gave me her miniDVD and I've got all the footage narrowed down to what I call "the gem shots". I tried some contemporary songs but this little voice kept singing in my head: "Ain't she sweet". (You may recall the song best from the Beatles cover of it).

My Nanna used to play the song on her organ and belt it out as I danced like a crazy girl, tearing up her living room carpet. I found a great version of it from the Fleischer Brothers with Lilian Roth singing in what just may be the first karaoke, ball bouncing over the words and everything.

It works fantastically with Stella's Jolly Jumper shots and a sepia filter. (And Stella has always reminded me of a baby in an old-fashioned black and white photo)

I think I can work some movie magic with it...

Stay tuned!

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